The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Announces their 2nd Annual Business Magazine

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 17, 2019 – The SCWCC continues its momentum this year with the annual 2019 SCWCC Business Magazine unveiling to be held at various SCWCC events.

2018 marked the launch of the SCWCC Business Magazine, which focused on highlighting local business development in Southern Colorado. According to SCWCC President and CEO, Lola Woloch, the magazine has grown significantly, allowing even more opportunity to deliver valuable content to our members and the business community. It also increased distribution through Southern Colorado and its surrounding communities to 10,000 printed copies.

This year’s Magazine includes economic development reports; “How to Gauge Economic Growth” as well as “Colorado Springs Economic Development and Some Telling Trends on Women and the Wage Gap” by Tatiana Bailey, PhD.

Fueling the Future Vision of making Colorado Springs a “Smart City” in collaboration with SCWCC, Catalyst Campus, Colorado Springs Utilities, the City and other partners promote cutting-edge technology and business development.

A special Health and Wellness section with tips and trends showcasing the state-of-the-art services in Southern Colorado.

The Magazine also includes many stories from women business owners and leaders and articles about the Olympic Museum, Colorado Springs Airport remodel and revitalization, and development in all corners of the city.

“The opportunities in Southern Colorado are endless and bursting with big ideas and purpose,” said Nancy Crego, AdWest publisher. “Our strong partnership with SCWCC and Lola Woloch on the magazine helps us reach and inspire our SCWCC members, readers, advertisers, and our entire community.”

To learn more about the SCWCC or to view the magazine please visit

Lola Woloch
(719) 442-2007