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A collection of testimonials for the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce from our members and partners:

Ariel Flatt
Ariel Flatt
The SCWC has amazing events where you can network and meet like-minded people and local business owners
Tamara Herl
Tamara Herl
A great opportunity to network
Shawnee Starr
Shawnee Starr
Fabulous presentation by Tatiana Bailey as well as amazing women that I enjoy sharing space with!
Monika Randall
Monika Randall
What an amazing group of women! Wonderful luncheon!
Laura Gallant
Laura Gallant
I chose this organization to build connections with others who focus on our community. I have enjoyed my time engaging in the gatherings I have attended and look forward to going deeper into the opportunities that will arise from my membership.
Kellie McSparren
Kellie McSparren
I’ve loved being a part of SCWCC! It’s so refreshing to be a part of a networking team where the conversation always seems to start with “how can we support you in your business?” Wonderful people. Great passion to support. And fun events!
anne mcgrath
anne mcgrath
My first luncheon! I met wonderful people and hope to connect with many more!
Katie Wendland
Katie Wendland
This is my first time at the SW Women’s Chamber luncheon, I felt so welcomed, and met some amazing individuals. I’m now looking at joining this chamber.
Sue Spradley
Sue Spradley
Great lunch today with fellow women leaders in the Springs! Nice to meet new friends and talk with colleagues . Sue Spradley

Hear What Some of Our Members Have To Say

Play Video
Play Video
As an active member since its inception, I have relied on the Chamber to provide valuable professional development and to help me make connections that benefit my company and enhance my value to my employer. The Chamber is an important resource in my professional tool kit.
Zachary Ledbetter
Newell Ledbetter Advertising
The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce was the first Chamber to successfully pivot their programs during 2020, and even expanded programming to help small business. We are committed to helping all of our members, whether they are solopreneurs or large corporations, to thrive as we move into a new year.
Morgana LeBold
Red Door Social
The SCWCC Board and leadership has been extremely committed to supporting their members throughout 2020. I’ve been most impressed with the way that this Chamber embraced pivoting to virtual events so that members would not skip a beat on making valuable connections during COVID shut downs. I trust that in 2021, the resources they offer will prove to be even more valuable for members in Southern Colorado!
Brian Swanson
Denim and Pearls/Primerica
The SCWCC has remained vigorous and supportive to the small business community throughout these trying times. I see this in their desire to remain on top of the information changes and their support through their network; supporting all small businesses in need of funds, connections and simply a “shoulder to lean on”.
Bree Shellito
Ent Credit Union
The SCWCC has gone above and beyond for its members in 2020. They found great ways for us all to stay connected, provided resources and materials, and advocated for our businesses. I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of this amazing chamber!
Jon Karrol
Special Kids Special Families
When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, I feared it would mean a halt to the many valuable networking events I had come to enjoy. Thankfully, the SCWCC found a way to continue to bring its varied members together, allowing us to exchange stories and ideas about how we were coping through this unprecedented time. We truly value our membership in the SCWCC and the many benefits it affords!
Stacy Osborne
Beneficent LTC
SCWCC has provided timely and concise information for business owners regarding the Covid pandemic and requirements for business owners in order to prevent the spread of the disease. I appreciate the SCWCC filtering through all the information and passing onto its members only the information that is needed. They’ve kept my business informed on PPP loans and streamlined the process on how to apply so that our business can continue to operate and serve people in our community.
Dr. Max Pohl
Balance Chiropractic
The SCWCC has been INSTRUMENTAL in the continued growth of Balance Chiropractic. Their networking events keep you directly plugged into the Colorado Springs community and the SCWCC leadership is always there to lend a helping hand!
Susan Presti
Colorado Springs Utilities
I’ve been a member of the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce for many years because it is the best place in town to meet other incredible business people. I say people not women, because the male members of the group add an important perspective to business that helps us all learn and grow. I’ve made many friends there as well as found numerous clients that have grown my business. It is a great value and investment, no matter what kind of business you are in.
Debi Bauer
Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women Vol. 2
The SCWCC is and has been a fun and empowered group of women who get things done in the Colorado Springs and surrounding communities. I enjoy networking with this group of inspiring female leaders and meeting the movers and shakers in southern Colorado.
Beth O’Brien
Colorado Springs Health Partners
I’ve especially benefitted from the people I’ve met and the support our company has received, from other members and the community. The focus on women supporting and developing strong and capable women in business has been very valuable. I am excited to be part of SCWCC. This organization is getting better all the time!
Jan Erickson
The growth of the SCWCC has been outstanding, giving all of us a bigger and better network of some of the most powerful women in Colorado Springs. It is a “no-brainer” for my organization to be a member of SCWCC – women helping women, women supporting women, women ensuring our next generation of women have a seat at the head table of our community’s economic viability. This group is committed to being a force in our economic scene.
Debbie Swanson
Pikes Peak Fund Development Manager
As a member for the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce for many years, I have found this wonderful organization to be welcoming, professional and a joy to be a part of. I have done business with many of the members and feel the meetings and gatherings are meaningful and productive.
Connie Johnson
The Bridge Assisted Living
I have experienced a positive advancement within the Women’s Chamber during the last two years; one of energy, excitement and a new purpose. It has allowed me to revitalize my commitment to our mission and focus, while providing me with great resources and tools to use in my professional endeavors. I have developed relationships with like-minded individuals, with whom I feel a team unity that assists in supporting our local community.
Linda Clark
Adams Bank & Trust
I have loved meeting all the dynamic business women and men, the many who own their own small business or represent a company that they work for. I now have become friends with many because I attend on a regular basis- events that are fun and inspiring. I have gotten business from many people from this organization and I love sharing what it is I do and love in my Chiropractic profession.
Dr. Bonnie May
May Chiropractic
As the owner of a new small business in Colorado Springs, the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in helping me more deeply connect with my community and build a loyal clientele. The educational and networking opportunities within the Chamber are highly informative and very beneficial to me as I continue to grow as an individual and within my business.
Shelly Vanderlinde