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Ignite Change: Empower Women in Business Through the Women Ignite Membership Program!

Welcome to the Women Ignite Membership Program, where the flame of empowerment is passed from one woman to another. Pay it forward by giving the gift of connection, guidance, and resources to fellow women entrepreneurs or professionals.

Why Women Ignite?

At the SCWCC, we believe in the power of community and mentorship. With the Women Ignite Membership Program, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on a woman’s career, helping her gain the connections and resources she needs to thrive.


How it Works

Choose Empowerment:

Purchase a year-long Chamber Membership for a deserving woman entrepreneur or professional.

Gift of Connection:

We’ll connect her with a network of experienced mentors, industry leaders, and like-minded professionals. 

Resources for Growth:

She’ll gain access to discounted networking opportunities, workshops, educational resources, and leadership mentoring to fuel her success. 

Pay it Forward

By becoming a Women Ignite Sponsor, you’re not just giving a membership; you’re fueling a movement of empowerment. Join us in building a supportive community where every woman has the tools to ignite her success.

Empower Her Journey Today!