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Enterprise Zone Contributions

Big business to small business – if you serve, support, or employ women in your business, the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (SCWCC) is your strategic partner. There are many ways to support the SCWCC, including the State of Colorado Enterprise Zone Contribution Project Program, which offers a tax credit for your support of our organization. 

What is the Enterprise Zone Contribution Project Program?

Each year we identify powerful new ways to serve and support our members and our local community. Our goal is to increase your value with ongoing professional development. To challenge you to explore innovative new ways to enhance and expand your business. To learn how to be the change you wish to see in your career, your community, and the world as a whole.

We work diligently to provide members with meaningful networking, member-only business promotions, directory and calendar listings and sponsorship opportunities at branded special events.

This includes leadership programs, community outreach, and philanthropy and civic involvement through our Chamber. We also have an annual business magazine and non-profit Foundation that supports underserved women in their educational and career goals.

Contribute to Earn a Tax Credit

One of the many benefits of this program is that it provides a state income tax credit to Colorado taxpayers who contribute to enterprise zone projects such as the SCWCC. As a donor, you can earn a 25% tax credit on the amount of your financial donation and a 12.5% credit for in-kind contributions.

Monetary and In-Kind Contributions

Monetary contributions include one-time cash donations, gift cards, planned giving through an estate, and recurring cash contributions. In-kind contributions include the transfer of any other type of asset, such as goods or services. Examples of in-kind contributions include donations of goods, such as computers, software, furniture, and office equipment, for use by our organization or for special event auctions. This contribution is recorded as a gift of monetary value, determined by the fair market price the SCWCC would otherwise pay for the goods or services received.

Support the SCWCC and Earn a Tax Credit

Support the SCWCC, one of only 52 approved enterprise projects in the Pikes Peak Region. We are working diligently to grow businesses in the Pikes Peak region and beyond with our award-winning networking events and business advocacy designed to increase your value with ongoing professional development. Donate today, support our work in the community, and earn these valuable tax credits!

Questions? Email us at to get more information on how you can contribute.